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Fire Safety Consultancy

Fire Safety Consultancy

Marshal Safety Solutions provides turnkey Fire safety solutions across UAE. All our services and products are listed below with brief explanations. All our services and products are approved by Dubai Civil Defense. Please get in touch to get more details:


Fire Safety Maintenance and Design
Sprinkle Systems & Firepumps Installation
Fire Extinguisher Servicing & Refilling
Advanced Fire Suppression System
Customizable Fire Suppression Solutions

Ensure the reliability and compliance of your fire safety systems with our Annual Maintenance Contracts. Our qualified and experienced staff, engineers, and technicians provide comprehensive maintenance services for fire alarm and firefighting systems. Trust in our expertise to fulfill the statutory requirements set by Dubai Civil Defense and maintain the general safety of your establishment.

Design and installation of reliable fire sprinkler systems are crucial for effective fire suppression. Our designs are based on NFPA codes, ensuring compliance with Civil Defense regulations and insurance requirements. We provide complete fire pump installation, testing, and commissioning, along with integration with alarm systems as per Civil Defense rules and regulations.

Maintain the effectiveness of your fire extinguishers with our expert servicing and refilling. Following NFPA specifications and Civil Defense guidelines, we offer comprehensive maintenance, including servicing, painting, sandblasting, powder coating, and replacement of necessary parts. Our fire extinguisher certification ensures that your devices meet all requirements and are capable of effectively fighting fires.

Deploy advanced fire suppression systems to halt the spread of fires and minimize damage. Our automatic and manual fire suppression systems are designed to prevent fires from going out of control. Whether it’s carbon dioxide, water-based, gas-based, foam, powder, or wet chemical systems, we provide reliable solutions tailored to your premises. Our products meet global standards and are activated only in the event of a fire, ensuring optimal fire control.

Marshal Safety Solutions specializes in designing and customizing fire suppression systems to suit the unique needs of your premises. Our aim is to provide the best and most affordable solutions in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and Umm Al Quwain. Our automatic systems are designed to activate during a fire, effectively stopping the spread and minimizing damage. Count on our expertise and top-quality products to enhance your fire safety measures.

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