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What is the Difference between a Fire Warden Training and a Fire Marshal Training?


What is the Difference between a Fire Warden Training and a Fire Marshal Training?

In some businesses, they do make a distinction between the role of a fire warden training and a fire marshal training and each role will have a different set of responsibilities. This often happens in larger and more complex organisations, but it is totally up to the business to decide whether they want to split the role and what the difference is between the two roles in their workplace.

The number of fire wardens/fire marshals you need depends of many risk factors, this number is calculated by a specialist and is referred to in your fire safety consultancy. If you’re interested in guidance on how many fire warden/fire marshals you need in your business please contact us inquiry@marshaltraining.com

Example responsibilities of a fire warden training:

  • Undertaking regular fire door checks and equipment checks.
  • Assisting in creating plans for evacuations and emergencies.
  • Responsibility for searching the premises and ensuring that the whole building has been successfully evacuated.
  • Responsibility for fire risk assessments and fire drills.
  • Employing good fire safety practices in the workplace and any necessary reporting.

Example responsibilities of a fire marshal training:

  • While a building is being evacuated, they will handle the evacuation outside the building.
  • Performing the roll calls.
  • Making sure all fire wardens are safe.
  • Undertaking some of the roles of the fire warden outlined above.

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